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Established in the 1960s, our company’s primary goal is to serve our customers with the principle of "quality in the production, quality in the service". Our company produces baklava, kataif, su borek, pastry, and pistachio paste. We are also an exporting company and can export all of our products.


Our core values are to be predicated on the good faith and honesty in our all relations, to present service at the highest level by holding hygiene and sanitation as priority, to work and learn without being satisfied with what we already know, to work with the amateur spirit without compromising on professionalism, to give esteem to different cultural, national and spiritual values, and to work willingly, endeavor, and strive to receive the best results.


Although Turkish desserts have been well-known across Europe and Asia, we cannot say the same for the American continents. Therefore, we have made it our mission to introduce Turkish sweets and desserts that have not yet been discovered by those on the American continent. We have prioritized quality and hygiene in the production of our products and set out to change the classical understanding of what desserts are. Why don’t you see for yourself what a simple bite of happiness can provide? Kervancıoğlu has joined with NUKA BAKLAVA to provide you with the traditional tastes of the Turkish culture.


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